Development of Paper Resource Recycling Industry

Development of Paper Resource Recycling Industry

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Policy background

Developed countries pay great attention to the recycling and reuse of resources, and its development into a set of "recycling" and "remanufacturing" as one of the independent industry - resource recycling industry. With China's sustained and rapid economic growth, increasing pressure on energy resources, the bottleneck of economic and social development has become increasingly prominent. "The proposal of the CPC Central Committee on the formulation of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development" has proposed to speed up the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society and promote economic development in harmony with population, resources and environment. Vigorously develop the resources of renewable industries, is to solve the problem of China's resource shortage is an effective way, but also the development of circular economy, the establishment of a conservation-oriented society inevitable choice.

In 2008, the China Renewable Resources Recycling Association issued a news that since the third quarter of 2008, the international financial crisis has spread rapidly to the real economy, manufacturing shrinking led to a decline in demand for raw materials, domestic iron and steel enterprises, non-ferrous metal processing enterprises As well as paper, plastic and other enterprises to stop production, cut production, some enterprises suffered heavy losses, bankruptcy collapse, raw material prices have been declining trend. Affected by the domestic renewable resource market weakness, the price plummeted more than 50%, 80% of the recycling network closed down the recovery of renewable resources fell more than 70%, resulting in environmental pollution and waste of resources, renewable resources industry is facing an unprecedented crisis.

On the whole, China's waste materials recycling enterprises smaller, less than 50 small businesses accounted for a large part. Although the situation is grim, the prospects for recycling waste materials are still attractive.

Main classification

Due to the low recovery rate of domestic waste paper, a variety of waste paper recycling station is too small, resulting in classification of waste paper classification is not strict

Mainly divided into the following varieties:

New book, old paper, book core, white paper, bound paper edge, yellow paperboard, gray card, new newspaper, old newspaper, newsprint, coated paper, cup paper, Tetra Pak,

1, book core: new book, not used the book, to reach a certain thickness.

2, used books: used books, regardless of the degree of use.

3, kraft paper: yellow, more tension, generally used for packaging.

4, book core: the new book, remove the cover and the remaining paper adhesive (non-coated paper, and black and white, can not have color).

5, white paper: pure white, clean, no film.

6, binding edge: printed books cut down the edge of the paper, a small amount of copper and plastic head;

7, yellow paper: discarded crates, mainly yellow.

8, gray card: from the outside to the core are gray, no film, with color.

9, the new newspaper: the issue of excessive use of the newspaper did not use.

10, the old newspaper: generally from the waste paper collection station, used the newspaper.

11, newsprint: paper with the same paper, but no color words.

12, coated paper: most of the book cover the use of this paper, no film, with a certain color.

13, the cup of paper: and the production of paper cups remaining paper (generally too early with such paper bowl also belong to such).

14, Tetra Pak packaging: such as paper milk box (this kind of paper is difficult to recover).

15, pages: more messy paper, no glue, no film, may have text. (Non-coated paper)

Waste paper recycling industry is the consumption of paper recycling → recycling → sorting, packaging → recycling → consumption of the recycling process, in the cycle of the industry chain, including: paper units, waste paper recycling enterprises, sorting waste paper Packaged bags, waste paper and papermaking enterprises, and landfill in the sorting process and papermaking process.

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